What is Urban Tech?

Urban tech is about making technology more accessible, secure and convenient. Green Packet has developed several end-to-end residential and commercial urban tech services that are divided into three main segments: Smart Access, Smart Community and Smart Security.

Benefits of Urban Tech Solutions

Increase value

Replacing conventional amenities in your building with new high-tech systems to make your property stand out against the competition. Position your property at the forefront of urban tech adoption.

Drive cost effectiveness

A One-Stop solution that improves maintenance and repair costs in the long run. Has the potential to minimise building management OPEX costs.

Enhanced safety and security

Smart AI-based system that enables real-time, contactless management and monitoring of your property that leads to tighter, more effective surveillance.

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Smart Access

Seamless, Secured, and Contactless Access made possible by A.I Innovation.
We offer a full range of access options for any business and industry, so you can give customers the best experience possible.

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Smart Community

Manage your communities in a safe and connected environment with digital touch points, all at your fingertips.

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Smart Security

A.I Tech that optimises your business operation and improves risk management through smart surveillance.

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How it works

A day in the life with Urban Tech

A day in the life with Urban Tech


Frictionless entry ​and exit for residents with License Plate Recognition

Faster responses ​and visitor entry authorizations enabled through app access by security guards

Doors and lifts access with QR code via app​

Community App for secured and connected community

Safety surveillance that detects irregular behaviour​ and strangers for the protection of community

In the office

Drive in seamlessly with License Plate Recognition

Safety surveillance for better management of man power and public safety

Office entrance access with facial recognition & temperature check

Lift access to office with facial recognition​

Cashless payment via e-wallet​

Contactless & smooth experience

What people say about us

“I’ve been waiting for this solution for years. Many businesses in Malaysia are going cashless, and valet parking is one business that would benefit the most. The e-wallet option is great, and credit card payment is essential. Customers are happy and our transactions can be easily checked with the personalised reporting portal. Thank you.”


Owner of GL Parking

“Most of our residents were excited when they learned that we recently installed Licence Plate Recognition. They can now reach their doorstep in a shorter time, especially after a long day outside. While some people think that it’s no different from card access, more people are now enjoying the convenience of this smarter home solution. I believe kipleCity LPR AI technology will increase the value of the property as well as improve the way we manage the building.”


Building Manager - Urban 360

“The auto-deduct feature is incredibly convenient as I don’t have to worry about internet connection availability while in the car park, My payment goes through automatically on my way out.”


kipleCity User - Bukit Jalil City

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