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Green Packet’s Mobility Solutions

Green Packet mobility is a total solution provider in the fleet telematics industry. Our offering includes vehicle IoT gateway, sensors, smartphone app and cloud-based data analytics as well as web-based application for family and enterprises.

Our core value is to acquire vehicle’s hidden data and transform it into an analytical and actionable intelligence to further improve driving safety, save fuel expense, cut emissions as well as enhance efficiency.


Fleet Management System (FMS) and Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

Telematics and Collision Avoidance Systems – Better Together

Fleet Management System (FMS)

Our Fleet Management System is an easy-to-use, trustworthy, integral and advanced telematics platform for businesses to manage their transport resources.

Product Overview

Vehicle Tracking

Connect & Integrate



Mobile Apps

Admin Panel

Admin Panel


Fleet Status

Tachnograph Solution

Time Analysis

Fuel Module



Routing & Tasking






Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

Our Fleet Safety Solution is an integrated connected vehicle safety platform using ADAS that acts as the driver’s 3rd eye,
constantly monitoring the front of the vehicle and identifying potentially dangerous situations

How it works – Driven by Safety

Vehicle Tracking

Connect & Integrate

Admin Panel

Product Technology

Forward Collision Warning (FCW), including Urban Forward Collision

Lane Departure Warning (LDW)

Pedestrian & Cyclist Collision Warning (PCW)

Headway Monitoring & Warning (HMW)

Speed Limit Indication (SLI)

Admin Panel

Telematics Integration

Why Us

Preventive Maintenance

Examine and identify vehicle issue to keep them in order to prevent costly downtime and failure.

Improve Driving Safety

Timely coaching to assist driver in self-correcting their driving habits and minimize accidents.

Reduce Fuel Expenses

Enhance your vehicle’s fuel efficiency as well as reducing carbon footprints.

Productivity Enhancement

Utilize visualized data to ensure time and resources are spent effectively and wisely.

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