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Navigating ASEAN towards digitalization


  • The Fund has a unique structure, mandate and resources that enable sustainable investments to be repeated.
  • The ecosystem today has many tested methodologies for building, sustaining and scaling up companies.
  • Matching it by deploying with the correct amount of capital creates an ecosystem for rapid scalability.

What we do

Tech fund

A  private equity fund with the objective of supporting the growth of late stage high-technology companies to up-scale, expand local and global networks and eventually export technology products and services. The Fund will invest in late-stage companies who are utilizing disruptive technology with competitive edge and demonstrated traction ready for growth

Target fund sector:

  • Digital Services
  • Software
  • Technology

Offshore investment bank

An integral component of the planned Digital Finance ecosystem which includes the ongoing Digital Banking, Digital Lending and Initial Exchange Offering license application

Focus on:

  • Corporate / Transaction Banking
  • Treasury Services
  • Cryptocurrencies / Digital Assets & Securities Issuance

How can we help you?

Flexible capital / funding structure to achieve fund-raising objectives

Introduce supply chain networking that is lean and focused

Foster joint ventures with well-established international tech companies

Forming consortia to bring a value-added approach to programs

Access to GP’s strategic partners and network

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