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Green Packet, one of the World's top 5 CPE Providers

Green Packet’s Smart Devices

As one of the world’s top 5 CPE providers, Green Packet provides flexibility in customising indoor and outdoor fixed wireless broadband CPE devices while optimising for better performances and cost-effectiveness. This leads to greater and more valuable digital experiences from users.

Green Packet Wireless Solutions has been connecting people all over the world, be it metropolitan cities or remote towns with our range of high performance 4G and 5G indoor/outdoor CPE, as well as portable mobile Wi-Fi devices - all tailor-made to meet your business’ diverse needs.


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5G, the next generation of mobile networks, offers low latency and high-speed connections. It provides more efficient technology, higher data rates and spectrum utilisation to cope with the growth of mobile data traffic and new applications.

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Explore 4G

Our design philosophy is to keep design simple and hardware structure streamlined. This enables us to offer devices which are affordable, reliable and durable. Telecommunication operators will benefit from a highly cost-effective LTE investment.

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Why Green Packet is your
preferred partner​?

For decades, Green Packet has been working behind the scenes to connect everyday Malaysians and businesses. We were the first and leading WiMAX telco company in Malaysia, and we also established wireless townships that provided free wireless broadband to hundreds and thousands of users.

Since then, Green Packet has shipped millions of indoor and outdoor CPEs to telco companies worldwide. Our track record and wireless broadband experience is second to none, and we understand what operators need by providing affordable, custom-made solutions.


Over 15 years of experience supplying CPE and solutions to worldwide operators. We understand operators’ needs.


Capable in redesigning products to fit every customer’s unique deployment scenario that best fits their business case.


We work with customers to understand Business and Technical requirements. Match our products with customer’s needs.


Proven track record in supplying reliable products. Publicly traded company listed in Malaysia Main Board with healthy cashflow.


Multilingual global support team located in 3 different time zones

Our footprint

Over the years, Green Packet has collaborated with dozens of telco and non-telco companies across the globe. Thanks to our vast experience of shipping millions of CPE to consumers and enterprises, we are well-positioned to deliver ideal customized solutions that meet your growing business needs.

More than

6 continents

More than

70 countries

More than

100+ customers worldwide

More than

0.5% RMA rate

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