Board of Directors

Helming Green Packet is a team of experienced subject matter experts who not only share the same values as the Group, but also harness their knowledge and experience to make valuable contributions to the overall conduct of our business. Get to know our Board Members.

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General meetings

To ensure the sustainability and success of Green Packet, we rely on a forward-looking set of Governance, Sustainability, Risk Management and Compliance policies which serve as a holistic guide for the Group. View the sections below for an overview of our policies and GSRC-related information.

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Governance policies
& guidelines

The Group’s purpose, goals and requirements are enshrined in Green Packet’s policy documents and guidelines. These governing documents are updated regularly to reflect changes in operations and requirements. View our latest governance documents.

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Integrity Agreement

Green Packet’s vendors and the partners we engage are required to sign an Integrity Agreement, ensuring our standards and principles are upheld throughout the Group.

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Anti-Corruption (MACC) Policy

Green Packet adheres to high standards for ethical conduct and integrity in its business activities across the Group. Employees and individuals acting on behalf of Green Packet are responsible for conducting company business honestly and professionally. Read about this responsibility in our MACC policy.

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Whistleblowing policy

Towards creating a safe environment for whistleblowers to report any alleged cases of misconduct, Green Packet has prepared a whistleblowing policy which provides guidance and safe channels for them to speak up.

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