What is Smart Community?

kipleCity, a Smart Community app aims to serve a purposeful experience of managing your property with ease, comfort and security.


A progressive future for your residence and community

White label

Tailor the services  according to your needs and ensure that your brand identity is integrated throughout all features on the applications

Digitise your community

Build uplifting communities to enhance your living environment, through services that let  you to automate and protect your property through intelligent contactless touch points

Integrated suites of solution

From enhanced security  to knowing your community, managing your property and even your day-to-day tasks,  all integrated at your fingertips


What does Smart
Community offer you?

A brief overview of the one-stop integrated payment solutions this card provides.

Community App

All-in-one app to for your community  to manage their parking, homes and offices, enabling them to enjoy seamless access with LPR and  QR code entry, stay up to date on what is happening around the communities they are in and able to perform in-app payments.

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Management portal

A management platform that provides a full suite of access control,  visitor management system, digital forms and payment, allowing you to manage your entire community, visitors and guards with ease.

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Security Management

Monitoring your property’s security attendance, incident reporting and real time visitor monitoring with a specialised platform.

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Visitor Management Platform

Effortless visitor management system without compromising on either security or procedure.

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Smarter communities,
enriching lives

The most convenient means of residential management for homeowners and communities.


  • Better visitor management through visitor pre-registrations
  • Use the app for QR code access at doors and lifts as well as to unlock facility rooms
  • Private messaging channels for residents and property managers allow for quick notifications on the latest neighbourhood happenings
  • Dedicated app for security guards to enable faster responses and visitor entry authorisations


  • Seamlessly manage your tenants and visitor records with real-time reports in a single admin portal
  • Keep your premises safe and compliant with SOP - fill in Health Declaration Forms and perform contract tracing when needed by health authorities
  • Never miss out any important news. Get to know your surroundings

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