• Ensure that relevant, accurate and timely information is made available to the capital market as a basis for regular trading and fair pricing of Green Packet’s shares.
  • Ensure a high and uniform level of information to the capital market, creating awareness of, and confidence in, Green Packet’s vision, strategy, policies and decisions.
  • Ensure that Green Packet is perceived as a professional, reliable, accessible and visible company by the capital market and internal stakeholders.
  • Ensure a diverse shareholder base in terms of investment horizon, investment style and geographical location.
  • Arrange and participate in frequent investor meetings throughout the year, including road shows and conferences arranged by fund managers, analysts, research firms and investment banks.
  • Maintain broad interests by both retail and institutional investors.

Disclosure details


Business and financial guidance is provided to the shareholders during the Annual General Meeting and/or any other Shareholders General meeting. Business outlook may be updated during the quarterly financial announcement to Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad to ensure that relevant, accurate and timely information is made available to the capital market.

Analyst meetings

All analyst meetings arranged by Green Packet to discuss quarterly and annual financial performance and material business events will be released to the media after such information is announced to Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad to ensure a uniform level of information to the capital market.

Company announcements

Company Announcements are released to Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad, to relevant newswires and posted on the website, www.greenpacket.com

Disclosure methods

Green Packet announces corporate information that is governed by the Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad and then posts this information on the website, www.greenpacket.com

The Chief Executive Officer along with the Chief Financial Officer are responsible for the management and supervision of all material information that has not been announced. Whenever material information is being temporarily withheld, the Board of Directors and Management ensure that the strictest confidentiality is maintained and limit the number of people with access to the material information, ensuring the security of all confidential documents.

In the event that material information has or is believed to have been inadvertently disclosed to third parties, or where the material information has become generally available through the media or otherwise, the Company would immediately announce the information to the Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.

The Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer are the authorized spokespersons of the Company to handle and disclose material information for respective channels of external communication (including response to the regulators on unusual market activities after clarifying with the parties concerned).

Investor services

The Company has assigned the following person to handle all investor-related matters and to receive feedback from shareholders and investing community.

Person-in-charge : Kenny Khow Chuan Wah
Positions : Executive Director - Finance
Telephone : +603 2714 6288
Email :

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