What is Smart Access?

Smart Access gives a seamless journey from driving in to a car park to entering the building with facial recognition access and secured entry to the lift that directly reaches to your personalised space equipped with a unique QR code.


Cutting-edge technology
for your security

Speedy entry

Delivers a truly frictionless experience that ensures fast and accurate recognition within the industry

Secured and
cardless entry

Identifies individuals accurately with facial recognition and unique QR code for entry.

Centralised monitoring & reporting

Manage, monitor and support  through a centralised management portal

Customisable solutions to meet your needs

Our solutions support multiple access control systems with 3rd party partners; entry & exit access, parking access and payment mode via API integration


What does Smart Access
offer you?

What does Smart Access offer you?

Smart Parking

Licence plate recognition (LPR)

Malaysia’s 1st License Plate Recognition Solution.

  • A.I Powered
    99.8% accuracy in reading licence plate numbers as  it is driven by an AI camera technology that has studied more than a million licence plate numbers.
  • Secure Location
    Centralised, added security feature for vehicle owners which locks and unlocks via license plate recognition. Without unlocking, the car will not be recognised and will not be permitted to leave the premise.
  • Cashless Convenience
    Significant fraud reduction compared to manual cash payment collection. Comes with a dashboard overview for ease of tracking.
  • Season Parking
    Renewal of season parking
  • kipleCity App
    Dedicated app to manage, view and pay your parking at your fingertips


Encourage transparency with digitised and cashless solutions

  • Multi Payment Methods
    Received payment from debit/credit card and e-wallet
  • Cloud Based Solution
    All records and transaction updated in real time

Smart Entrance Access

A.I facial recognition with thermal scanner

  • Facial Recognition Access
    Biometric technology detect face for a seamless entry exit
  • Temperature Scanning
    Temperature  measurement enable body temperature detection quickly and accurately
  • Record Verification
    Tracking of visitors in a log
  • Attendance Taking
    At the entry point, our system records the movement of people in and out  to keep track on their attendance

QR access

  • Entry Exit for Door and Lift Access
    Cardless entry
  • Visitor Pass
    Create a QR code with timezone restriction and share it with the visitor for temporary access. No need extra cards or other tokens for visitor access purposes
  • Assign unique access codes
    Generate QR codes for specified levels of access so that your workplace is protected.
  • Automatic notifications
    Your hosts are alerted in real time when visitors or contractors who require escorting at all times check in.

We’ve got the right
solution for you

We offer a full range of access options for any business and industry, so you can give customers the best possible experience

Residential entry

  • Cardless entry to parking via LPR and QR code access for door and lift
  • Unlock facilities booking
  • Visitor QR access


  • Customisable user journey for parking exit and entry
  • SOP compliance - temperature measurement
    and health check-in
  • Attendance record for employees via check-in &
    check-out system
  • Access to certain floors

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