Brief for Vendors, Contractors & other third parties

Green Packet Berhad and its group of companies (hereinafter referred to as “GPB Group”) are committed to applying the highest standards of ethical conduct, integrity and accountability in all of GPB Group’s business activities and operations. This Agreement applies to each and every one of GPB Group’s commercial dealings and relationships and it shall include but is not limited to, transactions in the form of quotation, tender, purchase order, work order and/or letter of award (collectively known as “Business Transaction”).

GPB Group requires its sellers, vendors, contractors, service providers and/or anyone having dealings with any of the entities within GPB Group (collectively known as “Vendor”) to adhere to the same or equivalent principle in their own activities and in the management of their sub-vendors, sub-contractors, sub-service providers, and/or any such third party (collectively known as “Sub-Contractor”).

GPB Group regards the adherence to these principles as an important factor in its decision to enter or continue relationships with Vendor.

Considering the above, GPB Group requires written confirmation from the Vendor that in conducting any Business Transaction with any of the entities within GPB Group, the Vendor shall comply and shall ensure that any Sub-Contractor complies with the requirements set out in this Agreement. This Agreement shall be entered into between the Relevant Entity (as hereinafter defined), on behalf of GPB Group with the Vendor, and the declarations made herein shall be binding on the Vendor for purposes of all dealings with GPB Group and shall be enforceable by the Relevant Entity and/or GPB Group.

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