Our commitment to sustainability

At Green Packet, we have enormous opportunity and responsibility to ensure the technology we create benefits everyone on the planet, as well as the planet itself. Which is why we have taken the care to adopt good practices to ensure our products and services help people succeed and communities thrive, while managing our environmental and social impact.

Our commitment to the future

For Green Packet, creating value for all our stakeholders – customers, employees, shareholders, partners and communities – and being aware of our impact on the environment and community we serve is key to a more sustainable and collaborative future. In ensuring this, Green Packet is committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN-SDG). The Group has taken great care to adopt practices by these standards for the benefit of our customers and employees.

Serving our community

SDG 1: No poverty

  • Enabling financial aid to Malaysia's underserved
    Since 2019, Kiple has been relentlessly serving the B40 group in partnership with various state-level welfare programmes providing fund disbursement.

    Utilisng Kiple-enabled Aid Distribution Prepaid Cards, kiple has helped over 50,000 receive welfare funds from the government.

SDG 4: Quality education

  • 'We Are Ready' campaign:
    Supporting safe school reopenings

    Teamed up with the United Chinese School Committees Association of Malaysia (Dong Zong) to deploy thermal scanners across 63 Independent Chinese Schools to facilitate their reopening.

  • CSR drive to help schools go digital
    The initiative by Green Packet, Malaysia Green Packet, Xiang Lian Youth Association Charity and Education fund signed an MOU in 2020 to set up cashless solutions and artificial intelligence powered facial recognition in schools.

  • Green Packet joins UTM-MDEC
    Collaboration on
    MyIndustry AI Scholarship
    Green Packet is among the participating industries who will sponsor student allowances for 24 months under Universiti Teknologi Malaysia's (UTM) and Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation's (MDEC) special scholarship offer for post-graduate students majoring in Artificial Intelligence (AI) programmes.

SDG 5: Gender equality

  • Promoting diversity and equal opportunity in Malaysia
    Green Packet is committed to ensuring a safe and diverse environment to work in at Green Packet. Our internal anti-discrimination policy ensures that Packeteers are hired and treated equally regardless of gender, nationality or age. Read more about diversity in Green Packet on our Careers Page.

SDG 8: Decent work & economic growth

  • Empowering Micro Merchants through WarongKu e-Bazaar
    Green Packet's subsidiary KiplePay was a part of the WarongKu e-Bazaar which was held over Ramadhan 2021. Kiple's payment gateway enabled microentrepreneurs to sell and receive payment via e-Wallets.

  • Kiple powers SelangkahBiz for cashless payments
    Kiple has supported Selangkah Biz, an application which enables registered businesses in Malaysia accept cashless payments using their own devices, transfoming their phones into payment terminals.

  • Talent management:
    At Green Packet, we place our people first. This means providing equal opportunity to our diverse employees, retaining our talent by providing in-house training opportunities which align with our company values, such as our end-to-end Design Thinking module.

SDG 11: Sustainable cities and communities

  • Empowering sustainable communities
    Kiple has partnered with multiple universities in Malaysia for the roll out  cashless campus ecosystem to help communities bridge the digital divide and expedite technology adoption.

  • State government collaborations to assist marginalised communities
    Kiple's collaboration with the Selangor governments' RM200 monthly aid enables single mothers in the B40 segment to receive welfare payments through kiple's prepaid cards to buy groceries and household goods.

    Kiple's prepaid cards are also used in collaborations with the Perak state government for the Perak Prihatin programme, and the Kedah state government for the Kasih Ibu Darul Aman programme.

SDG 12: Sustainable consumption and production

  • Energy conservation: At Green Packet, employees are trained on effective energy conservation methods, where we monitor our energy and water consumption across the group to manage our environmental footprint.

  • Recycling: Our hardware such as used laptops and toner cartridges are recycled to lessen our electronic waste (e-waste)

  • Procurement: We place great emphasis on upholding environmental and social practices throughout our supply chain. Our partners undergo a CSR assessment so we can identify the partners with the best environmental and social practices before having them sign our Integrity Statement and Supplier code of conduct.

We take great pride in working with partners who follow ethical business practices. Our partners undego a CSR assessment for suppliers and sign our supplier code of conduct.
Read our Integrity Agreement.

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