What is Smart Security?

It’s about harnessing A.I technology for more robust security management that comes with a complete suite of video analytics products for security and surveillance, including the monitoring of unusual activity, better management of manpower and public safety.


Ensuring your optimal security


Accurate moving detection and identification


Accurate moving detection and identification

Fast connection to emergency service

Immediate connection to relevant agencies in an unexpected event

Privacy compliance

Detect and recognize only POIs, control viewing privileges of your team, and protect the privacy of bystanders


What does Smart Security
offer you?

Face and body recognition technology

Recognise potentially dangerous situations by detecting specific human poses

  • Face Detection Tracking
  • Up to 240 Facial Feature Key Points
  • Liveness Detection
  • 14 Body Feature Points

Surveillance and blacklist alerts

  • Real time detection
  • Blacklist Alert and notification
  • Abnormal Event Alert

Search, track and trace

Identify person of interest and track them  across video footage

  • Quickly scan stored video for important events
  • Search for events in just one area of the screen
  • Watch just a summary of a long, archived video

We are building a safer
future together

Our goal is to help simplify your security measures and keep your residences and businesses secured.


  • Increases protection through surveillance and detection of irregular behaviour
  • Distinguishes between authorised and unauthorised visitors
  • Alerts residents or building managers to intruders or suspicious behaviour


  • Monitors foot traffic for unusual movements
  • Cameras can also be installed at entrances or dark corners in malls or businesses to monitor unusual activity, allowing for better management of manpower and public safety

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