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The benefits of 5G aren’t just limited to speed. 5G’s low latency and greater bandwidth also open possibilities for new business models to service digital economy including  virtual clouds, smart manufacturing, eHealth, and even AI-driven technology.A viable alternative to the traditional broadband service, operators can greatly benefit from 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) where fibre is prohibitively expensive to lay and maintain, in order  to flatten the digital divide and provide fast, stable connections.

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Over the years, Green Packet has collaborated with dozens of telco and non-telco companies across the globe. Thanks to our vast experience of shipping millions of CPE to consumers and enterprises, we are well-positioned to deliver ideal customized solutions that meet your growing business needs.

Smart city

AI-enabled video surveillance

Smart manufacturing

Cloud based wireless robot control

Connected automotive

ToD. Platooning. Autonomous Driving

Connected drones

Professional inspection & security

Social networks

UHD/Panoramic live broadcasting

Wireless home entertainment

UHD 8K video & cloud gaming

Connected energy

Feader Automation

Personal AI assistant

AI-assisted smart helmet

Wireless eHealth

Remote diagnosis with force-feedback

Cloud virtual & augmented reality

Real-time computer, rendering gaming/modelling

Green Packet offers cost- effective
and fully customizable solutions for your business

Green Packet offers cost-effective and fully customizable solutions for your business

Outdoor CPE

5G NR outdoor gateway ​O5A series​

Greenpacket 5G-ODU series is a highly integrated 5G NR (New Radio) fixed wireless access (FWA) outdoor gateway. With the most advanced 5G technology, GP 5G-ODU gives operators the ability to deliver ultra-fast, multi-gigabit broadband services. ​It comes with a robust IP-67 enclosure, and its operating temperature is from -45 to +55 degree C. All these factors contribute to a rugged yet cost-effective solution to operate in extreme weather conditions. ​

Key features

  • 3Gpp Rel.15, Massive MIMO

  • Multimode Multiband
    5G: n1/3/5/7/8/20/28/
    4G FDD: B1/3/7/8/18/19/20/28/32
    TDD: B38/40/41/42/43
    3G: B1/3/5/8/19

  • Gigabit Speed
    DL up to 2Gbps, UL 1Gbps

  • Extreme Weather-proof
    IP-67 rating enclosure

  • Antenna Design
    High-quality and powerful built- in patch antennas
    High Gain Directional Antenna

Indoor CPE

5G indoor gateway​ D5H series

The new Indoor CPE D5H supports 5G/4G/wired broadband network, dual-channel acceleration, and dual-channel backup which promises no connection drops for long periods of time. In addition to being faster, more stable and lower in latency, the CPE D5H also comes with built-in Wi-Fi 6 routing functionality.

Equipped with beamforming technology, it automatically detects the location of user’s devices such as mobile devices, computers and other terminals in the network, enhancing its signal to provide wider coverage and stable signal quality. D5H’s coverage distance is 1.5-2 times larger compared to other 4-5 dBi CPE systems, hence saving CAPEX and OPEX. Now equipped with 2NR CA capabilities, the D5H can go up to a maximum speed of 4.6 Gbps with extended coverage.

Key features

  • 3GPP Rel.15

  • MediaTek’s T750 5G

  • Multimode Multiband
    5G NR: n1/3/5/7/8/18/20/28/
    FDD LTE: :B1/3/5/7/8/20/28/32
    TDD LTE: B38/40/41/42

  • Wi-Fi
    Wi-Fi 6 IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac/ax
    2.4G/5G 4x4 MIMO

  • Antenna Design
    High-quality and powerful built- in patch antennas

Portable Wi-Fi

5G portable Wi-Fi M5M series

Key features

  • 3GPP release 15

  • MediaTek T750 5G Chipset

  • Multimode Multiband:
    5G NR: n1/3/5/7/8/18/20/28/38/40/41/77/78
    FDD LTE: B1/3/5/7/8/20/28/*32
    TDD LTE: B38/40/41/42

  • Wi-Fi:
    Wi-Fi 6 IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac/ax
    4G/5G 2x2MIMO

Green Packet’s M5M is a multimode 5G NR portable Wi-Fi equipped with MediaTek’s T750 5G chip. Its design fully considers various scenes for regular road warriors.

M5M supports 5G/4G wireless network, dual-channel acceleration and dual-channel backup without connection drops for long periods of time.

Comes with built-in Wi-Fi 6 routing functionality, supports 2x 2MIMO technology, 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-frequency transmission at the same time, and no mutual interference along with its faster speeds, low latency, and more stable connection.

M5M supports OFDMA technology, which significantly reduces delay and improves the efficiency of simultaneous multiple devices use.

The built-in full-screen segment high-gain 5G antenna ensures the 360° antenna coverage captures better signals, hence faster speeds.

The M5M is easy to carry, has a long standby time, and also supports reverse charging to mobile devices such smartphones. Thanks to its support for dual-module networks, non-5G mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other devices can also enjoy high-speed 5G.

Critical Strategies for
5G Success

Telecommunication operators are now in a dilemma: to invest or not invest in 5G, the next generation of mobile technology. 5G is poised to be a game changer that will revolutionise future use cases affected by digital transformation.

Although the opportunities paved by 5G seem very bright, they need thorough planning and strategy to be done right. 5G alone is not a winning formula. It must be paired with other factors, which will be discussed in this paper along with the following questions:

  1. Why are we pressured to invest in 5G? What can’t we do with our existing 4G network?

  2. How does integrating 5G into my business boost my revenue?

  3. Will ARPU improve after 5G?

  4. Can 5G really help bring down costs?

  5. What is the right size and type of spectrum for 5G?

  6. Is 5G worth the heavy CAPEX?

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