Q2 2018 Town Hall

Living in the era of technology, it becomes a virtue for us to be connected at anytime, anywhere; all for a simple purpose that is to increase our quality of life. From connecting with your loved ones who live thousand miles away to easing your payment when you shop and even, alerting you when you are on the road if dangerous road condition is spotted – thanks to the technology advancement.

Living on this mantra, Green Packet has always believed that every human must thrive with life improving digital innovations. Hence, quarterly townhall has become one of the important avenues for the Company.

On 14 August 2018, all Packeteers from the Group and its subsidiaries were gathered as the business leaders got acquainted with the staff by sharing the milestone of each and every business and their plans for the following quarter while the staff took this opportunity to bond with the business leaders and colleagues from other departments.

Unlike any other townhall event, Green Packet strives to create a platform for staff to bond, interact and engage hence, games were organized in between the presentations. Through games, the staff get to know each other better which eventually help them to perform better in their daily work.

One of the games that caught the attention of many was the fear factor game. Packeteers who have strong sense of curiosity volunteered to take up the challenge by putting their bare hands in the dedicated bags, describing what the items were.

When the Q2 2018 Town Hall event was coming towards the end, all Packeteers celebrated the August babies birthday before adjourning to refreshment.

All in all, it was a fruitful town hall as Packeteers walked home, carrying a strong message that everyone can make a difference in the coming 4 -5 months before the year 2018 comes to an end.

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