What is Kiple payment gateway?

We offer a full range of payment options for  business and industry, so you can give customers the experience they deserve.


Provides a variety of payment methods such as credit card, debit card, online banking (FPX) and e-wallets.

Trusted and reliable

Compliant with PCI DSS. Receive assistance and support throughout whole journey with us.

Business ready

Seamless integration into your business platform across channels from e-commerce stores to subscription businesses, platforms and marketplaces.

Fast and uniform

Settlements within 2 business days directly into your bank account.

Merchant portal for business performance tracking

Performance tracking, reporting and settlements all in one interface.


What can our payment gateway service offer you?

Making your daily transactions efficient and hassle-free.

Making your daily transactions efficient
and hassle-free.

Accepts all major payment options

Offers a wide range of payment methods your customers will know and trust

  • Credit card/debit card acceptance
    Local and foreign cards are available. Any VISA and MASTER card are accepted.
  • Online banking (FPX)
    Wide range of local banks that registered with FPX to enable a hassle-free online banking experience.
  • E-wallet
    Able to receive e-wallet payment from platforms available in the market.

1-click payment

Pay with the click of a button. Create payment links, share and get paid!

  • Accept payments anytime, on any platform
    Share and get paid on any social platform from Facebook to Email and even SMS
  • Bulk ordering in a single upload
    Create multiple payment links with a single upload. Save time and focus on what’s important.

Recurring payment

Allow your customers the option to subscribe. Schedule automated recurring payments with a few simple steps.

  • Dynamic payment cycle
    Users are allowed to set their own date of payment and payments will auto-deduct every month.
  • Reduce risk of late payment
    Maximise chances of getting paid  with automated and scheduled payments coming in monthly without missed or overdue cases.
  • Improve cash flow and forecasting
    Allows you to plan your cash flow and forecasting with recurring  payment  for your business growth.

Customised branding page

Brand your own payment page for a seamless and secure experience

  • Seamless and secure experience
    Create a smooth experience for your customers as they transition from your website to the payment page.
  • Brand identity
    Customise the payment page with your brand’s unique stamp and aesthetic.


Keep your customers’ data secure when they shop online.

  • Add or remove payment card
    Customers can manage their payment cards easily within the payment page.
  • Secure encryption
    Card details are encrypted with a security token to enable safe and secure payments when shopping.
  • Increase loyalty and retention rate
    Customer can save their card details securely for easier payment.

Overview dashboard

Keep track of all transactions and view all activity within a single interface.

  • Tracking your business
    Manage and keep track of your transactions on our merchant portal.
  • Reporting
    You can generate reports for reconciliation, accounting or recording purposes.
  • Email invoicing
    Send invoices with ease via email with a single click.
  • Settlements
    View your settlements to ensure your business can operate daily.

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