What is e-KYC?

Partnering with Xendity, kiple e-KYC provides a smooth onboarding experience unhindered by identity fraud. This greatly contributes to the growth of your business and ensures a  safe and secure digital end-to-end customer onboarding experience to maximise customer satisfaction and retention

Customisable solution

Tailored e-KYC process to ensure your business is compliant with respective industry regulations.

Secure fraud prevention

Kiple’s e-KYC feature extracts data, performs watermark checks to detect data and visual discrepancies, and authenticates users’ liveness along multiple facial markers to prevent identity theft.


Supports over 3,500 ID subtypes in over 200 countries across the globe. It can even detect changes in facial features due to weight gain or loss, ageing, hair loss or even minor plastic surgery.

Cross-platform integration for mobile and web

Easily modified for any platform, including mobile and website. Although both work differently, they come with the same high levels of security and authentication.


Secure and streamline your enterprise

We offer cutting-edge technological solutions to safeguard your business.

OCR (optical character recognition)

Through Deep Learning. Our OCR technology can identify if an ID is fake or if it contains a remake image or a copy image.

Face-based biometric

Able to verify that the ID document truly belongs to the person making the transaction by analyzing selfie videos for micro-expressions and facial features. Our solution can effectively identify if the customer is a real person.

Artificial intelligence & machine learning

A.I assisted and Machine Learning technology for faster and more accurate ID authentication leading to smarter processing and checking for visual compliance to deter identity fraud and documentation tampering.

Certified liveness detection

Integrates certified liveness detection to thwart the many well-documented vulnerabilities in less robust liveness technologies which are susceptible to spoofing.

Digital signature

Registered users can sign any legal documents digitally and remotely. Signing is digitally certified and timestamped against any tampering.

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