What is digital signature?

Partnering with Singing Cloud, we offer a fast and convenient way to send, sign, and approve documents that simplify your processes and boost your productivity.


Read, sign and send agreements virtually from any device anytime, anywhere.

Cost saving

Do away with operational costs such as printing, copying, faxing, scanning, shredding, and delivering original documents. Never lose important documents again.

Safe, secure and legal

Confidential information is safeguarded with lays of protection - all signed, shared and stored within its e-signing platform. The authentication and signing integrity is legally compliant as stipulated in the Digital Signature Act of 1997.


Secure and streamline your enterprise

We offer cutting-edge technological solutions to safeguard your business.

API supported

Integrate our Representational State Transfer (REST) API into your website or applications to get a seamless experience when preparing & signing documents. Our easy to integrate  API includes features such as:

  • Document uploading
  • Document signing
  • Signature Self-placement
  • Two-factor authentication to complete signing

Sign on the go

You can sign PDFs online at your disposal. Once the contract format is prepared and the signature fields are inserted, you can put in your encrypted and secured signature digitally.

Highly secured

  • Signature protection
    Two-factor authentication method gives an extra layer of security. Securemetric is a leading digital security player in Southeast Asia.
  • Document protection
    Signed documents are protected by tamper-proof mechanisms to prevent any alteration..

Legally binding signatures

Fulfills the rules of Digital Signature Act 1997, whereby:

  • the digital signature is verified by reference to the public key listed in a valid certificate issued by a licensed certification authority;
  • the digital signature was affixed by the signer with the intention of signing the message;
  • and the recipient has no knowledge or notice that the signer has breached a duty as a subscriber; or does not rightfully hold the private key used to affix the digital signature

Audit trail

The audit trail helps track the progress of each process or transaction. This secure audit trail will have a record of every activity, including the names, email addresses, and IP addresses.

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