Green Packet's 5G CPE Devices Now Supports 2NR Carrier Aggregation, Extending SUB6-GHZ Spectrum Coverage

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia, 17 June 2021 – Green Packet Berhad (“Green Packet”), one of the world’s leading providers of 5G CPE (customer-premises equipment) has announced today that its devices now support the 2NR carrier aggregation (2NR CA), a breakthrough in the group’s Smart Devices segment which now enables users to get a wider connection coverage and ultra-fast speed under the Sub6-Ghz spectrum.

The group’s research and development (R&D) team concluded the breakthrough in a recent 5G product testing, where the 2NR CA function was found to be compatible in Green Packet’s latest Mediatek T750 5G CPE devices, namely the Indoor CPE D5H, Outdoor CPE O5M, and portable Wi-Fi M5M.


The 2NR CA function combines two carriers into one data channel to enhance the data capacity of a network. It extends the Sub6-Ghz frequency of the 5G network which Green Packet CPE devices use.

“In May, Green Packet launched the world’s first ever Mediatek T750 5G CPE in the market, designed to bring 5G internet to dense urban areas, rural and suburban areas around the country. Today’s breakthrough means that our device is the first Mediatek T750 5G CPE in the world which embeds 2NR CA function and gives our devices a new speed of more than 4Gbps.

By activating 2NR CA, the cell coverage area of mid-band Time Division Duplex (TDD) extends by a 2.5 factor. That equals to a 25% increase in the population covered,” says Frodo Rao, Chief Executive Officer of Green Packet Solutions.

With the 2NR CA activated, this will also help mobile operators achieve efficiency and enable them to deliver faster speed with lesser cost.

In May, Green Packet released three new Sub-6 GHz 5G products: Indoor CPE D5H, Outdoor CPE O5M, and portable Wi-Fi M5M, all powered by MediaTek’s T750 5G chip. The devices support a variety of frequencies and speeds in the 5G/4G/wired broadband network.

The explosive growth of mobile broadband as well as the global pandemic has spurred increased demands for CPE and 5G devices and bodes well for the group’s Smart Devices segment. In 2020 alone, Green Packet shipped over 600,000 devices worldwide.

Green Packet aims to be the world’s preferred 5G solutions provider and supplier, and our many partnerships and CPE deals with operators around the world to achieve their targets is proof of our commitment and dedication.

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