Going Global: The Evolution of Green Packet’s Communications Business

In 2007, NGT Networks Pte Ltd was established as a 100% subsidiary of Green Packet Berhad, expanding the Group’s offerings as an international player in the telecommunications industry. Headquartered in Singapore, it remains one of the largest and fastest growing carrier neutral wholesalers in international voice and data traffic in Asia and the Middle East, with a strong focus on sourcing and building reliable and quality interconnectivity.

As digitalisation continues to rapidly shift the demands of today’s users, in 2021, the business rebalanced its portfolio and expanded its offerings under NGT Networks’ new identity – Green Packet Global (GP Global).

Renewing its focus to comprehensively address the needs of telecommunication companies in their shift from wholesale voice to wholesale data services, GP Global has diversified its capabilities across two pillars.

Its first pillar remains dedicated to telco wholesaling with the aims for GP Global to serve as a platform wholesaler. This includes services for voice, data connectivity, and application-to-person (A2P) messaging, essentially strengthening GP Global’s role in bridging the transmission of voice and data traffic between content providers, mobile network operators and users.

On the other hand, its new pillar will focus on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in the data ecosystem – diversifying the business’ capabilities into data storage services in the form of cloud computing, hyperscale data centres, and the building of data cable capacity.

GP Global

Expanding Into New Horizons

Keeping to the spirit of its new name, GP Global is focused on taking its expertise into new regions, with a priority to launch its full suite of offerings in high-demand Asian markets while extending its footprint for wholesale voice services to Africa and the Middle East. Increasing its global coverage to new locations will cater to a broader pool of customers who need connectivity options, which will be operationalised through the business’ strong partnership network of over 180 clients and suppliers, mainly Tier 1 carriers and incumbent telcos, and their existing presence in more than 170 countries.

One catalyst for this expansion came largely from the trust GP Global gained from one of Singapore’s main telecommunications operators who also boasts a multinational reach, StarHub. Although it is customary for telcos to keep their product pillars in-house, StarHub’s outsourcing of its Voice business pillar to GP Global is a partnership that has been renewed for four consecutive years despite competition from other global Tier 1 providers. This is a strong indicator of the trusted reputation GP Global has earned from its clientele.

GP Global's data connectivity revenue surged more than five times compared to 2020 and the company recently secured two long term USD1 million Indefeasible Right of Use International Private Leased Circuits (IRU IPLC) deals with two national telco companies namely Telekom Malaysia and Hong Kong Broadband Network in Asia. In 2021, GP Global also renewed a strategic partnership with China Unicom that goes as far back as 2016 and served as one of the first voice bi-lateral models that Green Packet established in China. These developments bode well for GP Global’s future expansion and growth, leveraging the capabilities and trust it has gained from leading players in the region.

Riding this momentum, GP Global fully intends to venture into new markets including those that that have been largely untouched. Having recently launched its Global Agency Platform (GAP), GP Global envisions expanding its market base without the need to officially set up shop in smaller markets.

A business platform that also empowers individuals who are seeking to expand their portfolios or venture into the telecommunications industry, GAP will enable local individuals to act as mediator agents for GP Global in these untapped markets. Building on these agents’ insights into the local culture, language, and needs of users in these markets will better facilitate the provision of GP Global’s products and solutions, creating opportunities for services that are tailored to the needs of these ecosystems.

What Comes After?

While GP Global blazes forward with new business wins and expansions, the company has made strategic steps towards rebalancing its portfolio in response to the ever-growing shifts in Voice and Data demands.

One of GP Global’s top business priorities moving forward is to build the first and largest hyperscale data centre campus in Malaysia, and possibly even in the Southeast Asian region. This venture aims to cater to the region’s booming need for higher capacity data centres – a demand that has been expedited by the pandemic.

Alongside this strategic growth plan, GP Global is also making inroads into new regions that were previously unexplored such as Africa and the Middle East. By extending its footprint to those regions of the world, GP Global will be able to serve communities where data is still limited, and voice remains the primary means of connectivity.

Building on these multi-dimensional strategies, GP Global aims to not only successfully increase its business opportunities and margins, but also diversify its portfolio to meet the changing needs of global connectivity demand. Beyond profitability, the business’ new strategic focus will also serve to expand the capabilities of more communities globally, enabling them to step forward into the digital age.

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