Onboarding MSMEs to the Digital Economy


Over the past year, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have had to tough it out and adapt accordingly to survive amidst the lockdowns that ensued during the pandemic. While larger SMEs were more resilient, traditional and micro enterprises were not as fortunate. Since the government’s decision to reinforce full movement control order (FMCO), 91% of SMEs expect business revenue to be affected while 37.5% expect a drop of more than half in business performance due to operating restrictions, according to a recent survey by the SME Association of Malaysia. The dreaded question therefore continues to plague the minds of SME owners – will there be able to ride out another storm? 

“Will they be able to ride out another storm?”


Kiplepay aims to empower traditional and micro-SMEs to take the first step towards digital transformation, so they are not let behind in the growing digital economy during the pandemic. Kiplepay’s range of solutions help SMEs by:

  1. Providing cashless options for SMEs’ customers

KiplePay joined hands with mobile app operator Selangkah Biz to help SMEs who may not have the budget or knowhow for a typical payment terminal. Micro business owners such as hawkers, traders and market stall owners can simply sign up as a Selangkah Biz merchant and their own mobile device could then be used as a payment terminal. Customers just need to scan the corresponding QR code for their preferred mode of payment, including paying through the kiplePay e-wallet.

  1. Using online payment gateways to increase productivity

The kipleBiz payment gateway oers SMEs to connect to kipleBiz on a single API which provides multiple payment collection options for customers, including kiplePay e-wallet and other wallets, Credit or Debit Card and Internet Banking. This payment gateway can also be integrated with the SME’s existing website or applications for ease of operation. 

  1. Fast-tracking permit renewals for business continuity

In collaboration with the Perak government’s initiative to digitalise business owners in the state, kiplePay introduced new e-mall features within the app for contactless permit applications and renewals, removing the hassle of physical registration and face-to-face communication. Approval times are also shortened, so these businesses can attain the necessary licenses to operate quickly and bring in much-needed income.


A digital ecosystem can only be complete if every contributing business and individual is able to participate in it. Green Packet believes in investing in the futures of these underserved SMEs to move one step closer towards achieving digital and socioeconomic equality for all in a digital Malaysia.

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