kipleLive Digitalisation of Communities

When people first took the fight against Covid-19, there were questions about the efficacy and safety of checking visitors’ body temperatures: security guards using handheld thermometers to measure visitors’ temperatures risk close contact; manual registrations meant long queues and waiting times for visitors wanting to enter buildings and offices, especially during peak hour traffic. Was there a better way to record body temperatures and visitors entering premises?

kipleLive changed the experience entirely with its Thermal Scanners. Powered by AI and the Cloud, the AI Thermal Scanners provide live updates to the backend system via an app that worked in conjunction with the SOP. The scanners were also installed in schools, making it possible to record attendance and body temperature without requiring QR codes.

Today, kipleLive AI Thermal Scanners are used in over 500 buildings. By digitalising our communities, we are making them safer and more secure as we continue the fight against Covid-19. kipleLive is ready to power more verticals with our AI Thermal Scanners, so that they are SOP compliant. 

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