Kiple Powering Digital Cashless Campuses

Digital transformation has become increasingly pertinent in how many modern industries operate and deliver value to customers, including the educational sector. Even in the higher education sector, we are seeing a cultural change towards how the learning experience can be improved upon to create a more engaging and effective education process. 

kiplePay partnered up with local universities to further enhance the digital lifestyles of their students and staff by building digital university campuses using the kiplePay e-wallet. The wallet features multiple benefits, such as secure authentication for online university facilities, simplified administrative processes, cashless payments for on-campus expenses and university merchants, as well as convenient funds distribution for eligible students.

With the inclusion of technology, students will continue to have opportunities for self-development as universities establish and build their digital campuses and communities. kiplePay will remain steadfast in its efforts to transform the education and e-commerce sector. Now Malaysian students, university admin, and SMEs have the necessary tools and solutions to build and lead digital lifestyles that they can thrive in.

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