Fast Track Your Digital Ecosystem Adoption

In conjunction with MIDF, Green Packet recently took part in a webinar to raise awareness of the role of digitalisation in business transformation among the local business communities. Green Packet aims to accelerate the growth of the national digital economy, which is in line with the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint 2021. 

During the webinar, each representative shared details about their state, as well as opportunities and challenges of digital transformation, technology solutions and business financing options. This helps to equip the participants with a holistic understanding of the digital transformation journey.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been the greatest catalyst to ensure businesses remain relevant through digital transformation. However, many businesses are still struggling to survive as they fail to make changes to their financial and human resource plans. There is also a clear talent gap for certain IT jobs such as data analytics, AI, and cyber security. Even so, there’s never been a better time for digitalisation as more SMEs go digital to broaden their profit margins and reduce expenditure. Collaboration and partnerships are the way to go for businesses to improve and get better. 

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