Expanding Digital Ecosystems to Underserved Markets


In the age of hyper-convenient experiences, companies are rushing to provide new hassle-free solutions for consumers. The global Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent government lockdowns also caused a major push for digital transformation among businesses and users. As a result, digitalisation has permeated almost every aspect of the Malaysian economy. One company that emerged during this rapid growth of digitalisation was kiplePay, a brand under Green Packet Bhd. KiplePay is a licensed e-wallet approved by Bank Negara Malaysia to provide white-labelled e-wallet solutions for Malaysian enterprises. Initially an e-wallet brand for students and the education sector, KiplePay has since expanded its cashless services to communities and businesses.

“As a result, digitalisation has permeated almost every aspect of the Malaysian economy.”


  1. Empowering merchants and businesses with kiplePay Biz

KiplePay’s ecosystem includes a comprehensive payment suite surrounding oine cashless payments with kiplePay e-wallet and online cashless payments via its payment gateway, KipleBiz. KiplePay also joined the Visa Fintech Fast Track programme, enabling the company to not only issue its own Visa Prepaid Card but also streamline the onboarding process. During the movement control order (MCO), restaurants used the KiplePay Biz app to allow customers to scan QR codes placed on tables to view the menu as well as order food. Payments could also be made digitally, enhancing compliancy with social distancing and low-touch economy. KiplePay also worked with the Coalition of Malay Small Traders Association (GPPPKMM) and introduced the ‘Warong Digital e-Bazaar Ramadan’ to help 20,000 merchants and bazaar traders to get back to business during the lockdown. 

  1. Nurturing cashless communities among students

With over 680,000 students in various public universities and more than 200,000 faculty and sta in Malaysia, the education sector is an ideal segment to promote the cashless agenda. That is why kiplePay launched the KipleUni programme, a financial payment facility designed for students. KipleUni covers on-campus payments, university services, facility bookings, laundries as well as other external services such as marketplaces. It also became an immediate tool for fund disbursement purposes such as zakat, meal plans and subsidies. KipleUni is currently available in Universiti Utara Malaysia, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Universiti Putra Malaysia and Universiti Teknikal Malaysia. 

  1. Promoting safer communities through face recognition 

Kiple is currently working with schools on programmes to revolutionise school operations with digital and contactless technologies. We combined our expertise in cashless communities with AI Face Recognition systems, introducing an end-to-end digital platform for fully cashless schools. This allowed the creation of Facial Recognition Payments, Digital Attendance, and a Parent App, which facilitated a safer and more efficient learning experience for students. This helped to allay fears for many parents who are still concerned about the pandemic as children and teens have yet to be fully vaccinated


KiplePay’s goal has always been to provide life-improving digital innovations into the hands of the masses. The KiplePay team has been successful due to their diligence in being attentive to on-ground challenges and having the muscle to empathise with real-life scenarios, allowing them to adapt their platform to new user journeys. KiplePay will continue to inspire a digital nation by delivering critical financial services to consumers and businesses in need.

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