Championing Financial Inclusivity Amongst The Underserved

KiplePay’s acting CEO, Ricky Lew recently spoke on The Star’s virtual conference “Digital Financing: Powering the Cashless Economy” as he shared the company’s mission to build solutions that prioritise underserved communities such as micro-SMEs, university students and the B40 community. This is in line with the nation’s goal of moving towards a cashless economy.

KiplePay’s recent partnerships undertaken with Selangkah, Digital Perak and WarongKu are aimed at easing digital adoption for small businesses and making digital transactions a smoother journey for them. With more consumers turning to cashless payments and online shopping, businesses should take this opportunity to digitally transform their operations.

KiplePay’s digitalisation efforts in campuses and B40 communities benefited grassroots communities, grew the local economy, and sped up adoption of cashless payments. It has also given birth to behavioral changes and new use cases among the B40 community. As cashless payments become more prevalent, the underserved communities see increased chances of improving their financial positions, giving them equal opportunity to thrive.

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