Building Smarter Cities Of The Future, Today

In conjunction with Star Media Group‘s 50th anniversary, Dr. James Tee, CEO of Smart City & Urban Tech from Green Packet recently presented at a power panel discussion titled “Building Smarter Cities of the Future, Today” at the Smart Gov & Public Services: Powering a Digital Nation conference. He was joined by John Hawke, Economic Development Officer - Smart Cities, Resources & Energy the City of Perth; Faela Sufa, Southeast Asia Director of ITDP; and Dr. Chen-Yu Lee, Director of Taipei Smart City PMO and Taipei Computer Association.

Smart cities are no longer just a concept - they are already here, thanks to Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and wireless technologies such as 5G. Smart tech is well-placed in solving many problems such as energy distribution, lower pollutants, and improved transportation in smart cities.

Smart cities can bring about growth opportunities for businesses and everyday consumers through improved security and privacy, seamless journey access, and increased sustainability. However, there needs to be strong commitment from local councils and government agencies to be onboard, as well as constant communication between public sectors and private companies, along with a strong digital infrastructure. For smart cities to be successful, data also needs to be open and shared among key participants and sectors, so that it can be properly utilised to make real-time informed decisions.

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