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Green Packet is an internationally recognized telecommunications, media and technology player. Founded in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley in 2000 and subsequently listed on the Malaysian Stock Exchange in 2005, Green Packet designs and produces wireless devices, user-centered applications and services that enable the delivery of valuable digital experiences.

While global business dynamics have changed drastically and in turn transformed value standards, Green Packet remains committed to serve the end-consumers, organizations and Governments. Today, Green Packet's businesses are anchored in three key segments which are Solutions, Communications and Digital Services (Financial Technology, Internet-of-Things ('IOT') and Media).

Green Packet has developed many firsts in the industry for telecommunications operators globally including the world's first Multi-Mode LTE Modem and WiMAX Modem that allow users to experience the best 4G-connection on a single device at anytime, anywhere. We have also built hundreds of interconnections with global telecommunications, enabling us to be one of the largest non-telecommunication wholesale operators.

Besides that, Green Packet is also strengthening its digital services portfolio which are media content, digital payment, smart cities, connected cars and smart agriculture.

Green Packet is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, a thriving and rapidly developing country situated at the heart of Southeast Asia, and with firmly anchored businesses worldwide and offices in Australia, Bahrain, China, Singapore and Taiwan. To date, Green Packet has served more than 100 clients in over 70 countries worldwide.

Our Timeline

  • 2000 Green Packet was founded
  • 2005
  • 2005

    Green Packet was listed on the ACE Market of Bursa Malaysia in 2005

  • 2007
  • 2007

    Green Packet was transferred to Main Market of Bursa Malaysia

  • 2016
  • 2016

    Green Packet started its venture in Solutions, Communications and Digital Services (Financial Technology, Internet-of-Things (‘IOT’) and Media).

  • 2018 To infinity and beyond!

Our Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP)

“Every human must thrive with
life improving digital innovations”
- Green Packet Berhad

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