Solving Service Providers’ Biggest Challenges

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At Greenpacket, we understand the importance for you to provide superior customer experience to your subscribers. With our software solutions, we focus on bringing your subscribers simplified experience across multiple devices while ensuring they are connected to your wireless network of choice every-time, all-the-time.

  Carrier Wifi Experience management
Greenpacket’s Wi-Fi Experience suite is designed to address comprehensive Wi-Fi management that covers wider areas of Wi-Fi hotspot finder, Wi-Fi prioritization, optimize wireless network discovery and control over basic Wi-Fi QoS for a converged user experience just like cellular.
Connection Management
The Connection Management is designed to provide an integrated platform for reliable connections, service enablement and device configuration vital in creating a unified and consistent web experience to any device, wireless and wired networks with ease and familiarity. The smart connection manager is able to manage log-ins
and support varied authentication methods.
  Mobile data offload
Greenpacket’s Mobile Data Offload suite is designed to enable optimum 3G-Wi-Fi offload that combines seamless mobility advantage, ANDSF and inter-WLAN technology. Service extension and network ubiquity can be maintained across multiple access networks ranging from 3G, 4G, LTE and Wi-Fi seamlessly. The preservation of session persistence in turn, creates enhanced user experience with freedom to roam.
customer experience intelligence
The Customer Experience Intelligence is designed to augment the delivery of 3G to Wi-Fi experience with added clarity to connectivity statistics related to mobile network analytics, mobile device analytics, Wi-Fi offload analytics and more.On top of that the study of data usage tracking patterns and churn analytics, help build better mobile analytic tools as part of a holistic approach to offer
the best QoE and QoS.