Issue 96/2013


Key Highlights:

  • Group EBITDA increases to RM14 million
  • Highest EBITDA in one year RM31.2m (2012) since 2008
  • Group revenue for 4Q 2012 of RM162 million – an increase of 5% Y-o-Y
  • P1 Pillar EBITDA contributes RM7.1 million, 144% Y-o-Y
  • P1 pillar posted RM82 million revenue with stringent cost management
  • Exceeds 500,000 total subscriber base with 517,000 total, from last year’s 389,000
  • P1 has transformed to wireless and fixed fiber full-fledged broadband company
  • P1 expanded broadband and voice services to retail customers and business markets

KUALA LUMPUR, 25 February 2013 : Green Packet Berhad (The Group), the parent company of P1 which is a leading 4G/WiMAX broadband provider, reported its financial results for the fourth quarter and full year ended December 31, 2012.

The Group delivered slightly higher fourth quarter revenue of RM162.3 million, a 5% rise from RM154.6 million in year-on-year comparison. For FY2012, the Group posted RM588.6 million in revenue, an increase of RM50 million from last year’s RM538.5 million.

The Group also registered RM31.2 million EBITDA for FY2012. It posted its 5-consecutive-growth of RM14 million EBITDA in this fourth quarter, an increase from last quarter’s RM9.2million. The RM14 million EBITDA is the Group’s highest margin since Green packet was a solution provider in 2008. It recorded the first-ever RM1.1million EBITDA positive in same quarter last year.

“2012 was a transformative year for Green Packet,” said Puan Chan Cheong, Group Chief Executive Officer and Group Managing Director of Green Packet Berhad. “We exited 2011 having successfully focused on our long-term business strategy and remained financially-disciplined in our operation. Based on that, we said that 2012 would be a year of accelerated product and services, and it was. The products we delivered throughout the year drove customer engagement and financial results to record levels in the fourth quarter.”

125GB Extra with P1’s 4G Broadband Plans

Petaling Jaya, 25 February 2013 : Malaysia and SEA’s 4G pioneer Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (“P1”) today introduced new broadband plans that offer substantially more quota at an affordable price. The plan is designed to meet the Internet lifestyle demands of today’s consumers who require more and more bandwidth.

According to P1 CEO Michael Lai, bandwidth or usage quota for the Internet is like petrol for the car. The more you have, the further you can explore. He added, “A lot of people today surprised by their high bandwidth consumption and how much it’s costing them. Usage quota can deplete fast just from audio streaming, downloading of large files, or if you engage in peer-to-peer file sharing among others.”

He further added, “At P1, our home users consume an average usage of 17GB per month; this is a 70% increase from four and a half years ago when we first offered our services to Malaysians. For nomadic users, average consumption was 6.3GB per month, and is on an increasing trend in view of the highly mobile lifestyle.”

As part of the new promotion, P1 is giving 25GB extra quota at 5GB per month in the first five months of subscription to the new ForHome™ (wireless fixed access plan for home use) and OnePlan™ (wireless fixed and mobile combo plan for home and on-the-go use) subscribers. And if subscribers trade in their old USB dongle, they will be given an additional 100GB!

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