Issue 86/2012

P1 stages demo in support of faster and more affordable broadband for small-medium businesses

A demonstration was staged by Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (P1) to express its strong commitment to deliver affordable high speed broadband to small and medium businesses. The demonstration was followed by the launch of P1’s ForBiz™ Fiber plan which will change the market landscape by being the first sub-RM100 fiber Internet plan for business.

The demonstration by a large group of dissatisfied small and medium business owners at the P1 HQ, while staged, aims to bring to light that high speed business broadband is inaccessible to the bigger majority even though it is a business essential in today’s digital world.

“Imagine how much more fluid businesses would be if you can send and download a big file in seconds, access information instantaneously, engage with customers and your business network in real time wherever they may be. Fiber Internet gives you that kind of speed and every business should have it,” said P1 CEO, Michael Lai.


Optimizing network architecture, addressing network congestion, building better customer relationships, and generating new revenue streams

Greenpacket a leading developer of next generation mobile broadband and networking solutions supports 3G-Wi-Fi ubiquity for next generation Wi-Fi experience by offering its expertise to operators worldwide. Greenpacket is taking steps to help operators resolve their multiple network issues such as congestion, coverage and user experience in the evolving telco landscape. The connected network is now dominated by smartphones and media tablets which bring a diverse mix of traffic needs and consumers by demanding a fluid experience between 3G-Wi-Fi. Converging cellular network to a Wi-Fi network, mobile operators can optimize available cellular network resources, increase overall capacity and reduce bottlenecking of service.

NEC and P1 Bring Next Generation Voice to SMEs and SoHos

NEC Corporation of Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (“NEC”) and Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (“P1”) have inked an agreement to jointly promote both NEC and P1 products and solutions in Malaysia. With P1 as the next-generation telecommunications provider and NEC being the technology partner, this is the first time the two companies are partnering to bring together the collective strengths and benefits of both NEC’s and P1’s technologies and products to SMEs and SoHos.

The first of a series of promotions under this collaboration is the launch of “SIP-in-a-box” – a telecommunications solution based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking, where NEC will provide its IP-PABX (SL1000 and SV8000 series) while P1 provides the fibre broadband and 4G wireless connectivity.


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