Hybrid Outdoor Modem

The Hybrid Outdoor Modem operates on Green Packet optional accessories (PoE Injector, WN-200 or WN-600), which forms the perfectly affordable and practical outdoor solution for fixed wireless broadband seekers.
Gearing with 14dBi high-gain omni antenna, it carries impressive signal strength that radiates and receives signals from any direction to extend TD-LTE coverage for a boost in performance.
For Outdoor Usage
  • TD-LTE
  • 14dBi Antenna
  • IP67
  • NOTE: Number of ports and bands on CPE is subject to customer’s requirements.


The all-in-one unit is designed to help smoothen transitions from WiMAX to TD LTE systems, which continues to be a broadband market favourite as it is hassle-free.


Ease your mind by getting a unit that serves a broad range of LTE spectrums. Maximize its utilization to achieve promising results and superior delivery.


Its functional feature of automatically switching services between preferred RAT gives users a non-perturbing and secured connection to network during transition periods.