Greenpacket, a leading developer of next generation mobile broadband and networking solutions express growing importance of subscriber experience innovation capabilities. Wi-Fi hotpots occupy a strategic position in the data-centric world that operators are creating to manage data traffic, network capacity and coverage. Now, operators place equal importance in shaping coherent subscriber experiences through extended policy management and applying the principles of quality of experience as the complexities of heterogeneous networks unfolds.

By bringing Wi-Fi to the forefront of the subscriber experience, it triggers a closer look at some of the gaps in abilities to make the heterogeneous networks interwork seamlessly. Innovative policy management solution that aggregates real-time contextual intelligence directly between the mobile device and combined network information is helping address those inconsistencies. The underlying use case in policy management solution is driven by the need to know what works best for both the network and the subscribers in finding, selecting, accessing and deciding the best conditions to address dynamic demands from applications, congestion or handovers. Operators can effectively handle the use of Wi-Fi when one is nearby to determine if the Wi-Fi AP supports a high level of experience, prioritizing attachment to Wi-Fi and enable targeted offload control strategies that considers device, network and subscriber information.

The added ability to recognize the various levels of device and network policies can help build more sophistication surrounding tiered services. Policy definition can take on a wide options for specified location awareness, time-based, subscriber-based and more. Clearly, by taking a step further in the integration of heterogeneous networks is highly desired to ease network discovery, authentication and security necessary to help operators deliver a good subscriber experience by using the right technology and deployment. The state of the mobile market seeking 360 degrees experience is a telling sign of major industry technology vendors moving quickly to integrate new approaches to steamroll the proposition of extending the value of the operators’ network.

Kelvin Lee, Senior General Manager of Greenpacket said, “Subscribers expect good quality experiences and advances in policy management solution in the market today demonstrates key abilities to adapt and  build quality experiences in Wi-Fi environment. To the subscribers, this means that subscriber experiences are not compromised and they are able to access more applications and contents on their smart devices seamlessly. We anticipate that the next level of optimized Wi-Fi strategies to include policy frameworks and adaptation for elements of analytics in service personalization of carrier-led Wi-Fi models as our solution can easily integrate into existing network infrastructure, shortening the time-to-market.”

The take-off of multiple core network infrastructure vendor platforms and solution vendors are boosting the value chain for end-to-end policy management solutions ecosystem. In the last 12 months, operator interest has risen and demonstrates a level of market maturity ready to embrace interoperable policy management solutions. Greenpacket is testing its intelligent ANDSF client solution with Tekelec’s Mobile Policy Gateway plus leading policy control solutions from Alcatel-Lucent and others.

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