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As a leader in the next generation mobile broadband solutions and connectivity, Greenpacket offers field-tested award-winning 4G CPEs (Customer Premise Equipments) that includes a series of 4G WiMAX and 4G LTE Modem to empower Operators' 4G vision and to bring the world closer together.


Dual Mode Wimax LTE modems Dual Mode Wimax LTE modems
Our philosophy is to keep design simple and hardware structure streamlined. Thus, we are able to introduce the devices which are relatively affordable, reliable and durable. Eventually, our customers will benefit from their cost-effective LTE LiTE investment.
Greenpacket's LTE & WiMAX Indoor Modem is designed to provide residential and enterprise users with smooth uninterrupted 4G experience and the joy of broadband networking.


Single Mode 4G wimax indoor modems WiFi Network Extender
Greenpacket's WiMAX Indoor Modem provides a quick and easy way to start using WiMAX and is ideal for residential and enterprise users.
The world’s first single device that offers 11n Wi-Fi router service and power supply to its 4G wireless broadband CPE companions.