The 'Ubiquitous Office' Dream Comes True!
Green Packet Media Center
Green Packet*s newly launched SONaccess Office Unlimited Solution empowers organizations to break free from the shackles of traditional enterprise communication

Kuala Lumpur, July 13, 2006 每 Green Packet Berhad (MESDAQ: ※GPACKET§) launches its most enterprising communication solution to date in its SONaccess Office Unlimited Solution (&SONaccess OUS*) that reduces the technical complexity of anytime, anywhere, any device communication to a &single IP and single number* affair.

In short, the SONaccess OUS is an enterprise solution that provides communication accessibility for an employee to work as though everyone else in the organization is in the same office 每 albeit it seldom being the case in today*s evolved business environment.

This is achieved by a hardware-software combination deployment that will allow the enterprise to instantly enjoy seamless delivery and collaboration of voice, video and data across the enterprise network, via integrated communications capabilities such as conferencing, instant messaging (IM), file exchange, VoIP and presence capability.

A key feature of the SONaccess OUS is its capability for seamless mobility. Kelvin Lee, General Manager at Green Packet says, ※This feature adds value to the enterprise worker with its ability to automatically switch from one network to another 每 when the signal for a particular network is low, and in a manner that is totally seamless and transparent to the user. This helps greatly to overcome the integral issues faced by both enterprise and public networks that businesses need to rely on.§

Green Packet offers the SONaccess OUS as the answer for organizations today that are hard-pressed to manage their increasingly complex communication needs. ※With businesses spanning multiple and remote locations, mobile and distributed workforces, and a diversity of devices 每 it has become imperative for companies to effectively manage their enterprise communications to achieve business success,§ says Lee.

※The SONaccess OUS is Green Packet*s answer to the predicament of streamlining complex communication requirements instantaneously - to minimize project delays and customer dissatisfaction, and in a cost effective manner.§

One IP, One Number

The SONaccess OUS features a simple but powerful capability in its single IP (Internet Protocol) address, which basically allocates a dedicated IP address to every employee. This IP facilitates the accessibility to the particular employee, regardless whether he or she is on a WiFi, GPRS, 3G or home networking system. Together with an assigned virtual number to define call routing preferences, the employee can be reachable via any devices of choice 每 hence allowing for &anytime and anywhere* communication.

※Via its ability to mobilize any IP-based applications (ERP, CRM etc.) both inside and outside the office, Green Packet*s SONaccess OUS allows the enterprise to deploy a &virtual office* concept, with VoIP roaming support across both the wireless wide area network (WWAN) and wireless local area network (WLAN), and external 3G telecommunication network,§ adds Lee.

SONaccess OUS is primarily targeted at enterprises with multiple locations, mobile and distributed workforces. This includes expanding organizations that are focused on increasing employee productivity while effectively managing the cost of a mobile work force.

SONaccess OUS consists of Mobile Enterprise Server, Mobile Application Server and SONmobile client software. The Mobile Enterprise Server which enables seamless mobility, can be plugged into the existing corporate network and be operational in a matter of hours. Meanwhile, the Mobile Application Server is an add-on server comprises of Presence, Voice mail, Call routing and Conferencing capabilities.

※Presence is a key component that allows employees to communicate with each other instantly, across the office or around the world by giving them an indication of whether the person they wish to contact is available or not. It boosts individual and group productivity by fostering opportunistic communication across the entire enterprise,§ concluded Lee.


Green Packet Berhad (GPB) is a leading global developer of Next Generation Mobile Broadband Networking Solutions. GPB*s mission is to provide a seamless and unified platform for the delivery of user centric multimedia communication and services regardless of the nature and availability of the backbone infrastructure.

GPB*s SONaccess is designed to enable fixed-mobile convergence, WLAN-cellular integration and secure seamless roaming across multiple networks. Its primary feature is the concurrent delivery of all media types 每 voice, data and video 每 to an easy-to-use graphical user interface, independent of location and type of networks.

GPB*s SONbuddy is a software that turns each Wi-Fi device into an intelligent router so that they automatically organize a multi-hop self-healing network without the need for an access point or other wireless infrastructure. All the users within this Self Organizing Network (※SON§) can communicate with each other using the built-in applications like VoIP, Instant Messaging, File Exchange and Screen Sharing.

GPB*s SONmetro range of products enable the provision of wireless broadband connectivity at GSM type coverage with DSL/Cable data speeds at a cost substantially lower than any other wireless solution. SONmetro is powered by ODMA and is an intelligent relaying system, where the path and method of transmission are not predetermined, but adapted dynamically based on available opportunities.

Listed on the Malaysian Exchange of Securities Deadline & Automated Quotations (MESDAQ) market of Bursa Malaysia in May 2005, GPB has the largest market capitalisation amongst companies listed on this technology market (RM950million as of April 13, 2006).

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Seamless Connectivity
Intelligent hand-off Auto selection and connection to the best network without user intervention.
Seamless voice & data connectivity Session persistence while moving across different networks for optimised voice and data performance.
Mobilising Corporate Applications
Corporate access Enable access to corporate applications or databases like CRM and ERP
Mobile VPN Extend enterprise services to mobile workers without compromising on existing security standards.
Single Point of Call
Call routing profile Create and modify personalized rules of call forwarding to desktop phones, mobile phones, SIP phones or voicemail.
Caller pop-up notification Notify you of the caller identity when there is an incoming call, through a small pop up window.
Call waiting Allow you to place the first call on hold while answering another incoming phone call.
Call forwarding Forward the incoming call to other SONmobile users instantly or even after the call has been established.
Call divert Monitor incoming calls and transfer calls to a telephony device of their choice such as desktop phone, mobile phone etc.
Call recording Record the call and make a note for every call session.
Multi Functional Call
Conference call Conference call can be established among SONmobile users or with users away from the desk (call routed to mobile phone, desktop phone etc). All conference participants will be invited based on their respective call routing profiles.
Parallel communication While making a phone call, users can send instant messages or drag and drop files to other users.
Presence & Availability Management
Presence status User can find the right time to contact the other users through opportunistic communication.
Contact list System administrator can manage and update the list of the contacts shown in SONmobile. No manual configuration is needed from the users.
Voice Mail Functionality
Voice mail alert Instant notification for any new voice mails. Voice mail notification can also be received via email.
Voice mail retrieval Voice mail can be retrieved with SONmobile, or using other telephony devices such as mobile or desktop phone.
Communication & Collaboration Tools
Instant messenger Send text messages to other users even during calls or conference calls.
File exchange Exchange files securely and instantly among users.
VoIP High quality voice call for one-to-one and one-to-many conversations.

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