SONbuddy Selected for PIKOM Software & Services Showcase 2006
Wireless Networking Tool Enables Participants to Network without a Network
Green Packet Media Center
Kuala Lumpur, July 3, 2006 ¨C Green Packet today announced that its flagship product SONbuddy has been chosen to enable instant peer-to-multi-peer networking and collaboration at PIKOM Software & Services Showcase (PS³), a three-day event that will take place on July 13, 2006 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. The intelligent software enables attendees to network without a network, increase their networking efficiency and avoid missing any business opportunities at the event.

SONbuddy turns Wi-Fi devices into an intelligent router so that they automatically organize a multi-hop, self-healing network without the need for an access point or other wireless infrastructure. Attendees are able to use their SONbuddy-enabled Wi-Fi devices to directly communicate with each other regardless whether they are online or offline. SONbuddy will alert the attendee when another user is nearby and both of them can decide to chat over the secure SONbuddy network and meet if they wish.

ˇ°Face-to-face networking is obviously one of the main reasons people attend exhibitions and conferences. People want to meet with others to exchange views, generate leads or forge new partnerships,ˇ± said Kelvin Lee, General Manager of Green Packet. ˇ°However, density of the attendees and short duration of the event make it impossible for attendees to talk to everyone or find the right people that they want to meet. As a result, networking ends up being haphazard, leaving many unknown opportunities behindˇ±.

According to Lee, award-winning SONbuddy addresses this by revealing people around each attendee within a matter of seconds. It allows event participants with shared interests to find each other and meet whenever they are nearby. This can be done through a simple process of discovering other SONbuddy users in the vicinity, connecting to them and collaborating with each other through built in applications such as instant messaging, VoIP, file sharing, screen sharing, virtual whiteboard and internet sharing.

ˇ°With more than 25,000 visitors comprising conference delegates, trade visitors and over 100 exhibitors around the region, we strive to differentiate the experience for both exhibitors and visitors by maximizing their investment and helping them to find the right people that they want to meet,ˇ± said Stan Singh, PIKOM PS³ Organising Chairman. Stan added that PIKOM is also pleased to note that Green Packet will be giving out a licensed copy of SONbuddy Enterprise Edition to every registered conference delegate.

SONbuddy trial version can be downloaded from and

About Green Packet Berhad (GPB)
GPB is a leading global developer of Next Generation Mobile Broadband Networking Solutions. GPBˇŻs mission is to provide a seamless and unified platform for the delivery of user centric multimedia communication and services regardless of the nature and availability of the backbone infrastructure.

GPBˇŻs SONaccess is designed to enable fixed-mobile convergence, WLAN-cellular integration and secure seamless roaming across multiple networks. Its primary feature is the concurrent delivery of all media types ¨C voice, data and video ¨C to an easy-to-use graphical user interface, independent of location and type of networks.

GPBˇŻs SONbuddy is a software that turns each Wi-Fi device into an intelligent router so that they automatically organize a multi-hop self-healing network without the need for an access point or other wireless infrastructure. All the users within this Self Organizing Network (ˇ°SONˇ±) can communicate with each other using the built-in applications like VoIP, Instant Messaging, File Exchange and Screen Sharing.

GPBˇŻs SONmetro range of products enables the provision of wireless broadband connectivity at GSM type coverage with DSL/Cable data speeds and high speed mobility at a cost substantially lower than any other wireless solution. SONmetro is powered by ODMA and is an intelligent relaying system, where the path and method of transmission are not predetermined, but adapted dynamically based on available opportunities.

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PIKOM, the Association of the Computer and Multimedia Industry, Malaysia is the association representing the information and communications technology (ICT) industry in Malaysia. Its membership currently stands at 548 comprising companies involved in a whole spectrum of ICT products and services which commands 80 per cent of the total ICT trade in Malaysia. More information can be found at

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