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Core Business

In line with its corporate mission, Green Packet products are geared ultimately towards providing a seamless and unified (universal) platform for the delivery of user-centric multimedia communication and services regardless of the nature and availability of the backbone infrastructure.

This dovetails with developments within the telecommunications sector which is moving rapidly towards a fixed-mobile convergence of, firstly, their network, then their products and finally their services. In network convergence, service providers will rollout common core network, common operations and support of any access network. Later in product convergence, the service provider uses common application servers, common session and charging controls and interworking functions. Finally, in service convergence, the service provider will provide the same service offering for both fixed and mobile subscribers, a universal contact number and a consolidated billing statement.

Green Packet is positioned to benefit from this fixed-mobile convergence and believes it presents a compelling business case to the entire wireless network value chain - device manufacturers, service providers and consumers, beyond just the early adopters (the enterprise and their mobile workforce) for the implementation of pervasive wireless access. The following are the key business drivers for Green Packet:

Device manufacturers for smartphones, PDAs, palmtops, tablets and laptops need wireless applications for their Wi-Fi equipped models in order to differentiate their products from competitors, drive sales of higher margin premium products, generate sales and take market share.

2.5G, 3G and WLAN service providers today need to proliferate and perpetuate the paradigm of pervasive wireless access for their subscribers; provide 3G type applications, services and content; drive data traffic to their networks; enhance / preserve their infrastructure investment and provide a return on their investment.

The widespread availability of Wi-Fi hotspots, the increasing mobility of labour and competitive pressure is driving enterprises with mobile workforces to want to make them more efficient and productive.

The convergence in the wireless devices and wireless access technologies. People want to stay connected to the Internet, wired or unwired, whenever and wherever, regardless of the availability and the nature of the service provider's backbone infrastructure. People are looking forward to simple but flexible networking capabilities to discover and communicate with each other and to execute group activities.

Green Packet is confident that it will gain significant market share in the telecommunications sector and boasts the following key differentiators:

Green Packet already has significant market traction in Asia and plans to make further inroads into the world's fastest growing wireless data markets. Asia is expected to show a faster adoption of wireless data and hybrid networks because typically there is no network legacy issue and both the WLAN and cellular data net works are owned and operated by same operator;

None of Green Packet's competitors carry both solutions - a Peer-to-multi-peer networking solution and a Mobile IP solution; nor provide multiple modules for foreign agent, access controller and a location based framework in one (1) package;

Green Packet provides product continuity and enhancements by cross selling its SONaccess and SONbuddy solutions to create a new level of experience for the mobile users; and
Green Packet emphasizes joint development with its customers for implementing meaningful mobile applications.

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